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..Eight....years ago, as the Sales Manager for Liberty Title Agency, I was inheriting a new sales team and that is when I met and started working with John Haynes. I have found John to be invaluable in helping me create strategies that allowed for the development and success of our people. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to connect with each member of my team  and use that connection to get the most out of each of them.

His patience, willingness to collaborate, creativity and steadiness have shown John to be an invaluable resource to me personally and to our organization as a whole. I look forward to our continued partnership and would encourage anyone looking for sales and/or leadership guidance to give John a call.


"​...His professional speaking abilities command authority attention and interest from crowds..."
I am owner of Azalea Title, LLC. We are a title company in Metairie, La John Haynes worked with me for approximately 18 months as a consultant to assist in hiring and training my sales team.  

I can't say enough good thing about John. He understands people. His insights regarding my sales staff and potential clients were right on target and his input was invaluable in developing my business. He conducted a REALTOR seminar for us on motivating buyers and the feedback was very positive. The class was fully engaged and John had them in the palm of his hand the entire time.  

If you have a business that needs training and motivating of your sales professionals you'd be missing a fantastic opportunity if you didn't hire John Haynes. 
"​...John was always responsive to any communication you would have..."
— Sam & Tom
"​...He understands people..."
— Kenneth        
     John Haynes was hired to help coach and train our sales team the art of marketing, sales, and leadership. He showed me how to connect with my client on a different level and increased my lead generation in a way I never thought was possible. His coaching has been such a vital part of my career. 
     John has been an inspiration to me through his motivational speaking engagements and ongoing mentoring and friendship. 
     Even in a room full of people, he makes you feel like you're the only one there. The way he tailor-fits his marketing strategies specifically to your client base is something I've never seen before and have not seen since. His coaching skills are phenomenal.         ​
"​...His nationwide market experience is invaluable..."
     I have worked with John for ....eight plus... years. During this time, and with John's assistance, we have expanded the number of offices from 3 to 11 and opened up operations in six new markets. Additionally, our revenue has grown by 328%.As a business owner one of my measuring sticks of a good coach/consultant is a satisfactory ROI. John has consistently delivered this RIO. Another measurement is a visible growth and development of my staff. Again, John has delivered. Finally, I want to work with someone who really cares about me and the success of my company. Again, John has delivered.
     John is a rare combination of technical expertise and genuine caring for the people he works with. He would be an invaluable asset to anyone who is looking to grow and develop their business. 

John Haynes worked with us to improve the skills of our sales team. John helped organize how we viewed our transaction and helped us identify all of the customers in those transactions. For many years we only looked at the person who directed the business to us as our customers and neglected the other two parties of the transaction. John changed all that.

We began to focus on all parties to the transaction and our numbers dramatically increased. In the first year alone we brought in over 200 new customers. John also showed us how proactive communication was very effective. Additionally, he taught us how we could help our customers grow their business through various programs and practices.

John was always responsive to any communication you would have for him and return most that day. While that may not sound impressive, invariably a call or email would go to him when he was in Alaska and we are in the Midwest, a five hour difference.

We truly enjoyed our interaction with John and value the information he shared with us.  
President / Sales Manager
"​...John is a rare combination of technical expertise and genuine caring for the people he works with..."
— Michele 
"​...John's ability to energize and motivate has been a worthwhile and long term valuable investment..."
— Nick 
I have had the privilege of working with John Haynes for about 3 years. Our company was impressed by both John's attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skills, as well as his wealth of knowledge allowed him to develop strong working relationships with both our clients and our staff.   

John possesses many skills that make him valuable to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. His ability to remain calm during stressful periods of time proves his ability to work well under pressure.   

Even though we eventually discontinued our services, John has always managed to stay in contact with our company. Still to this day, I have the ability to gain value from John per his blog posts and informative marketing pieces. His expertise, and experience makes him an asset to all those around him.    

During the past ten years since having had the opportunity to work with you, a day has not gone by that I have not applied the skills and techniques you taught me in becoming a successful title sales rep and manager. As I hear your voice in my head daily, I guide may sales team as you guided me, providing them with the essential tools, systems and philosophies to be successful. Most importantly, I appreciate that I am not just a client to you. I cherish every call you have made to me over the years to just touch base with me. I thoroughly enjoy your weekly emails and often share them with my sales team. John, you define relationship selling.         

North American Title
Vice President, Texas State
Director of Sales and Marketing
"​...The way John connects with people is amazing..."
"​...I appreciate that I am not just a client
to you..."
— Claudia       
"​...I have found John to be  invaluable..."
— Christina
I was introduced to John Haynes when he arrived to teach us how to improve our sales department. Over the next two years our business doubled because John taught us how to sell. He was fun, smart and enthusiastic.       

During this time we would set up training sessions for REALTORS and John would teach them. The REALTORS loved him! He was engaging, knowledgeable and accessible. 

John Haynes was the best thing to happen to our sales department.  

"​...He was engaging, knowledgeable and accessible..."
— Pam 
John Haynes was hired by my company to coach Sales Representatives on how to effectively perform their sales functions when calling on new customers. Normally, Sales Reps can be a little anxious when being  shadowed on their calls, but all of us quickly took to making the rounds with John. He is such an effective Coach because he is such a good listener, and he was always able to offer pertinent and helpful suggestions on the fly. I worked with John for two years, and even though I'd been in the industry for five years, he had the ability to consistently teach me new ideas and approaches.      
His professional speaking abilities command authority, attention and interest from crowds of different sizes and backgrounds. I've seen him equally effective interacting one-on-one as he is in group environments.     
Even after our working relationship ceased, he has continued to be a friend and mentor, offering valuable career advice over the years when I've been seeking it. Every week to those he currently works with and others that he's touched, John sends motivational and instructional emails that continue to inform and inspire even after a decade of knowing him.       

​Michael Podoyak
Marketing Manager
In the title business from time to time, as managers, we tend to look at our sales challenges in a narrow range. Sometimes a broader perspective can be realized from the outside. John Haynes can provide a more complete landscape. His nationwide market experience is invaluable. John helped my sales group by bringing experience from other markets and helped us realize that our market has commonality with others. By working with agencies of all sizes he is able to bring marketing solutions to virtually every operational sales challenge. Whether it's evaluating new candidates or providing common sense prospecting and closing strategies, John makes us better.            

John has brought significant value to the transformation of our company into the leading title and escrow service provider in our markets. From changing the way we think about customer service in title and closing departments to developing area’s leading sales team. John's ability to energize and motivate has been a worthwhile and long term valuable investment.​
"​...He has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions..."
— Vickie